Brums History


Brum’s Dairy has been serving the Pembroke Community and Ottawa Valley for over 100 years.

Henry Brum established Brum’s Dairy on Remembrance Day (November 11) 1918 with the goal of providing fresh, Canadian dairy products to the beloved local community.  Brum’s Dairy has built their business on integrity, customer service and loyalty. 

Brum’s Dairy has been renowned for being one of the oldest businesses to operate in Pembroke, Ontario.  Without our loyal customer support, this milestone could not have been achieved.

Brum’s Dairy offers top quality, Canadian dairy products such as milks, creams, ice creams and juices.  We take pride in providing the best-tasting dairy products to our loyal customers and local communities abroad. 

Our dairy bar is a destination for many people that love ice cream treats which features 35 ice creams flavours, soft serve ice creams and delicious ice cream cakes.  All of our recipes and formulas remain the same that the local community has grown to love since day one. 

Try a delightful waffle cone or bowl to compliment your favourite flavour!

We would like to thank our loyal customer base for supporting Brum’s Dairy for over 100 years!