Support for Local Dairy Farmers

Canadian dairy products have always been a staple for many consumers throughout our beautiful country and are synonymous with Canadian agriculture.

Canadian dairy farmers take pride in producing the highest quality products for people and their families to enjoy.  From transportation to processing, the Canadian dairy sector provides thousands of jobs to neighbouring communities and plays a significant role in fostering growth across their regions.

Animal welfare and well-being is very important to the development of producing the best tasting milk possible.  It is crucial that dairy cattle are treated with respect, and are happy and healthy.  The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) was established to ensure a code of practice is followed as animal welfare is essential to developing the best tasting products that Canadians know and love.

We would like to thank all the Canadian dairy farmers that contribute to one of the largest agricultural sectors in Canada.  The Canadian dairy sector contributes over $18 billion dollars yearly to Canada’s GDP, which provides over 200,000 full-time jobs to Canadians.

Next time you pour a glass of fresh, cold milk, raise your glass to our dairy farmers of Canada!