Reid’s In Our Schools

We believe a great product should come in a distinct yet playful package that represents what your all about.  What better way to do this then to have our local high school students present feedback on our milk and juice carton designs.  To keep up with changing palates and new flavor combinations we also include these same students in our taste testing teams. Along with including students in our design and taste testing teams, we’re involved in the “Food for Learning Program” which we are proud to donate over 15,900 litres of milk to each year. Doing our part to ensure kids have access to healthy and nutritious breakfast, snacks and lunch choices each and every day. If your familiar with hot lunch days, then you have probably heard about Shake day. For more information, check out our “Shake Fundraising Program” and see how your school can raise money while enjoying our famous loonie shakes. We are parents too, so we know the feeling of opening your kids lunch pale after school to a mishmash of spilt juice, milk and left over ham sandwiches. We understand the importance of having products that are easy to handle and child friendly. This is why we feature the diamond curve mini cartons (237 mL and 473 mL) and we are proud to be the only company in Canada to use this type of packaging. Its easy twist cap allows the little ones to open and close it on their own, without the need of a parent or teachers help. This has been a benefit to local schools and hospitals and because of the resealable easy twist cap allows for easy storage.